Solo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Solo is a beautiful tabby British Short Hair. He's the most adorable stripy tabby kitten imaginable. He lives with Mike in Castle Cary, Somerset. The day he came to Tiger Barn Cattery he was barely old enough to meow :)
He lives life to the full, six feet off the ground. He would be running, jumping and chasing until he hits his brick wall and falls asleep wherever he landed.

When you pick Solo up he's like a swarm of bees in your arms, buzzing with love - You wouldn't believe such a large purr could come out of such a small cat. We're so looking forward to seeing how he develops, but at this stage of the game looks like he's going to be one of the most fantastic cats we've ever met.

I talked to Mike when he came to pick up his Canvas Print Portrait of Solo - He doesn't just want to sit on Mike's lap in the evenings anymore, he wants to be in all places at once!

Now, it's 2015 and Solo has been in again. He's changed a lot since he was a kitten. He's outside a lot with all his neighbours cats, just one of the gang of mogs hanging around in garden corners and soaking up the sun.

We got another portrait in 2013 when he was entering adulthood ...

Solo - A Tiger Barn Cattery Guest