Kevin - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Kevin lives in Stoke St Michael between Shepton Mallet & Radstock, Somerset with Geoff & Sand.
Kevin is a special boy, it's not just the slanting eyes or the friendliness, it's that he has a part of Tiger Barn Cattery named for him. - In the roof area there's an apex where there's just enough room to fit a prostrate cat.
Kevin had taken a leap of faith from the usual window gazing position. He landed in the internal guttering where the air flows and the sun warms, but the rain will only wet your feet.

Cats like to look down on the rest of the world and Kevin took every advantage climbing to his place of purchase every exercise session and purr contentedly ... that spot is now known as Kevin's Nest.
I can only remember a few other cats who've used this spot since, Raj a Bengal popped up once but needed helping down and Cookie the kitten who went up a few times. In Feb 2012 Jack the Cat rediscovered the spot, but Kevin was the first boy to find the birds-eye kitty shaped space and I painted his ears down flat pawtrait in situ! :)