We run a Cattery in Somerset called “Tiger Barn Cattery“. We’re close to Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet and Castle Cary, on the edge of a small village called Lovington where Lovington ice cream is made. Our cattery was operating under the name “Paw Prints Cattery” for seven years until 2013. When we changed the name of the house from Saddlers Barn to Tiger Barn, we thought the cattery should follow suit!

Between us we have years of experience, socialising, cleaning & caring, but what we regard as most important is – It’s just as bad to pick up every cat and cuddle them as it is to ignore those who are desperately in need of attention. We say: “Let the cat take the lead.” That said, we don’t allow shy cats to hide away and we don’t avoid the angry or frightened cats. We want them to settle and join in as soon as they can. We use Feliway pheromone spray in their chalets and we can use Rescue Remedy in their water … and of course there’s always the lure of catnip and plenty of toys.

We've spent years volunteering in animal shelters. Jeremy has concentrated on socialising ferals prior to rehoming while I have done the cleaning, medicating and feeding. We've also enjoyed fostering kittens and vetting potential adoptive families.  We can honestly say we've never met a cat we didn't like - apart from the one who . . . well, we better not go into that! Coming from the cat welfare end of things, cats who visit a cattery are already loved, relaxed and easier to attend to. Buying our own cattery was the next logical step for us and and running it the way we would want our cats to be cared for is paramount – It’s what we’ve both always wanted to do.

While we’re not on cattery duty, I tend to be in the garden, making fruit wines or creating a lot of artwork for our clients and the website, while my wife, Katriona drinks the wine, is always washing cat bedding or buying provisions and spends her spare time reading.

We have spent years involved with several aspects of cat welfare. The success of Tiger Barn Cattery grew out of our shared love for all cats, even the bitey ones!

In 2012 we put a couple of videos together of part of the work day efurrybuddy loves ... Scrubble Time!

It's the part of the day between the last litterbox being cleaned and the post-breakfast nap that we try to make sure that everyone is happy and relaxed.


Some of Our recent Cat Campurrs - Summer 2012 (Part 01)


Some more of Our recent Cat Campurrs - Summer 2012 (Part 02)


“We’re loving your cat in Lovington”

Katriona & Jeremy the Cat-Whisperer