A Tiger Barn Cattery Wine Recipe

There's nothing unusual about following this kiwi fruit wine recipe, it's completely straightforward. The most difficult part of this for people in the UK is getting hold of Kiwi Fruit ... I suggest the bargain bins in Supermarkets for the cheapest deals near the end of the season. I can honestly say that this kiwi fruit wine is beautiful, but I'd encourage you to be adventurous with the recipe. Add other fruit if kiwi fruit is too expensive or try honey instead of sugar, or maybe some cinnamon & cloves for a honey mead kiwi fruit wine recipe.

4 Lbs of Kiwi Fruit
6 pints of boiling water
1 crushed campden tablet
1 tsp pectic enzyme
1 Litre White Aldi Rio D'Oro grape juice
1 tsp citric acid or 1 lemon's juice
2-3 Lbs of sugar
2 tsp of yeast nutrients
Youngs Bordeaux White Yeast

Careful when you add sugar - My rule is of thumb is as always: Only add as much sugar as you need to reach an SG of say 1.080 - 1.085 and that will almost guarantee a dry ferment at 12%

This one was a fun wine, totally unexpected and topped up with water because for this wine I wanted to keep it's flavour close to authentic and clean ... I could have topped up with a little Green Gooseberry, because when all is said and done, kiwi fruits are just huge gooseberries, but I decided to keep it realively unblended for the one off taste of a kiwi fruit wine.

Tuesday 13th July 2010

Bought 4 Lbs of half priced Green Chilean Kiwi Fruit from the Co-op bagged and left to fully ripen for a week. They were nice and soft and really ready to explode with juiciness.

Wednesday 21st July 2010

12 AM
5 pints of boiling water
2 Lbs of sugar
4 Lbs of kiwi fruit
4 Oz sultanas
1/2 a plantain for some extra body
1 crushed Campden tablet

3 PM
1 tsp citric acid or Lemon Juice
1 tsp Pectolase
1 tsp Yeast nutrient
Youngs Bordeaux White Yeast

26th July 2010

Strained into Demijohn


1 Gallon of Kiwi Fruit wine.
SG: 1.022

7th August 2010
1st Rack
Topped up with water.
SG: 0.995

14th August 2010

No rack necessary, no sediment.
SG: 0.995

21st August

No rack necessary, no sediment formed.
SG: 0.998

10th September

No rack necessary, not enough sediment formed.
SG: 0.998

21st September

2nd Rack
SG: 0.996
Added 1 crushed Campden tablet and topped up with Young's white wine concentrate and water.
SG: 0.997


Clearing & Maturing: 1st Feb 2011

Bottled: 30th January 2011 - 6 x bottles

Drinkable: June 2011