Archie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Late May, just before the Jubilee deluge we’ve had a couple of guys on their first visit to Tiger Barn Cattery, Castle Cary. Archie lives with Adrian and Theresa in Barton St David, nr Keinton Mandeville, Somerset.

He also lives with two labradors, but he’s the best looking I’m sure!

He didn’t want to eat his food from the floor. He wanted his pouches on the kitchen counter. When he’d finished he could keep an eye on whatever anyone else was eating!

He loved Katriona and myself immediately and the feeling was mutual. Archie is everything Katriona wants in a cat. A male with a foxy face, long black fur and a big fluffy tail … and ‘as big as a panther armful’, and purr crazy. BINGO!
Only Tarka has the same attributes and oddly, Tarka’s mum dropped in midweek with her daughter to pick up a portrait and was amazed.
It was a funny week as we had Poppy in too, who although long haired, black and foxy faced is a tenth of the size!