Molly & Mittens - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

This is the second time these gorgeous ladies have stayed at Tiger Barn Cattery, Castle Cary.
The last time there was no light for portraits but this time they were exceedingly lucky.
We had a 5 minute session of light and both kitties posed purrfectly.
Molly & Mittens moved to Shepton Mallet, Somerset from the South East and have settled into a more sedate country life wonderfully well.
Molly is almost 11 now and Mittens is nearly 6, but it's hard to tell who is the younger!

Molly was being adventurous this morning while we cleaned her chalet. She was out and about, mooching. She kinda liked toy-boy Scrumpy who was hanging out near the office on the other side of the doors practicing a number of mews until he found one he liked.

She's got a great imperious look, like a heavy Duchess surveying all she owns from behind those peridot green eyes.
Molly's body language is very confident. She can just sit anywhere and no one objects.
She shares with Ribbon that rare colouring in that she has an amazing patch of black skin on her nose.

Mittens prefers to hang out around the chalet near the radiator.
She craves one-to-one fuss, food and using the litter box 5 seconds after I've cleaned it.
Mittens has beautiful fur and an expressive face that when relaxed gives her an air of sadness - the weight of the world on her shoulders, that only a stroke or ten can alleviate.
This morning, she came out to touch noses with Molly in the corridor, but returned quickly for more fuss from the staff.