Molly & Mittens - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Jack travelled with Colleen from Bruton to Tiger Barn Cattery when he was the most adorable short-haired little grey and white kitten.
Now in 2012, he's now a very confident handsome teenager ... Alpha cat, Head Boy, Super Gymnast, Jack is all of this and more.
Yesterday he climbed into Kevin's Nest while I was talking to Mike outside about his portrait canvas of Solo.
Today he was hanging off any door he thought he was on the wrong side of playing & meowing with delight.
I had to stop cleaning this morning to spend a few minutes swishing the sisal rope toys around while he bounced from place to place in a nitrous fueled jellicle mood.

The day after he arrived at the cattery I was preparing one of the chalets for repainting. He was in my face, under my arm, purring wildly nosing my cheek while trying to get white paint on his paws so he could leave a trail of paw prints back to his own chalet ... He mock charged me twice while I was walking about with the sandpaper and paint, luckily I only dropped the sandpaper! He just laughed.

Today, he did a 'Mallors' while I was talking to Katriona while she was in the kitchen.
A 'Mallors' is the name we give to the action of a cat who either "mistakes" you for a tree or "deliberately" believes you might well be prey.
Both Jack and Mallory launch themselves without warning claws akimbo latching onto any point between buttock and carotid artery.
Mallors was a large Maine Coon and infinitely more dangerous, here's a portrait from a few years ago. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!
Jack is just doing it for fun, I really was just a tree :)

Tiger Barn Cattery Portrait

Jack's next game was turning the new bag of litter into his personal dirt bath. He turned into Jack-the-Mosher, stage-diving into the bag while I was putting out a new litter-box for someone else. He kicked it over, scrabbled as much as he could onto the floor and sprung about in several directions like like a badly animated cartoon cat. Katriona and I just stood there laughing. I had to clean up anyway so I poured some over him when he'd jumped into the new litter-box, rolling around, kicking the contents out gleefully.
Jack just loved it more!

The most enearing thing about Jack is that when he's tired us & himself out climbing, pouncing, and hunting catnip mice, he's more than happy to curl up baby-like in your arms for a good cuddle to purr like a wild thing.

May 31st, 2012

Jack came in again while his folks invaded Europe.
He was just as beautiful and naughty as he ever is, but he's a little older.
Jack is into everything all the time. If you're in the kitchen washing up, he's on the countertop batting the water, if you're preparing food, he's in the sink drinking from the tap, and if you're cleaning he's walking between your arms flicking your nose with his tail.
Naturally, when we're trying to capture images of other cats he's right in the thick of it hogging the lens.

This is hormonal Jack, like in those terrible skool fotos ...

Tiger Barn Cattery Portrait
Jack: The Teenage Years. And finally, a young man.