Mallie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Mally is one of our farthest travelers to Tiger Barn Cattery. He lives in Chilcompton between Midsomer Norton and Shepton Mallet in Somerset.
He's a very beautiful longhaired sandy coloured male and Liz has never been comfortable to leave him before in a cattery.
Mally really only relates well to his special lady, Liz, who was anxious about leaving him in the cattery.

Mally was scared and unapproachable to begin with so Jeremy had to bring all his cat-whispering skills into play ... As well as the magic Zoom Groom, which Mally fortunately loves.
When they returned Liz's mother was amazed that Jeremy could stroke him at all let alone have him purring happily!
Liz has phoned to book Mallie in for his second visit to cat camp in 2012 and says he's now more accepting of her visitors since his stay at Tiger Barn Cattery ... Hopefully, Jeremy will be able to create a slightly more relaxed looking portrait of him :)

A year later that's just what happened, but Liz still preferred the old one.

Mallie comes in accompanied by "Ted" these days. Ted is a half shredded teddy he's allowed to kill whenever the mood takes him.

Tiger Barn Cattery Portrait