Poppy & Misty - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Aah, lovely girls Poppy and Misty. They've visited us at Tiger Barn Cattery a few times so we can see them changing from the youthful portraits into cats with characters.

They are fantastic kittens from Shepton Mallet, Somerset who are growing up to be very attractive girls. One a perfect ginger, who says you can't have a ginger girl? And the other, perfectly black with a fluffy tail, they just invite you to love them.

They were here a couple of weeks ago, May 2015 in a big double opposite a couple of elderly girls from France .. they were nicknamed the mini-cats because these two girls haven't increased in size or weight for the last few years!

Katriona's Edit: We've seen their progress over a couple of visits and can't wait to see them again ... Jeremy is sure to want to do more portraits of these two as he loves documenting the changes.