Nyala - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Nyala is a Big Bottomed Girls from Babcary between Castle Cary and Somerton and she's larger than life …
She was put on diet food after she'd put on weight to keep her healthy.

Months went by but no visible shrinking was to be seen.
There was still something wrong - The cats' head was not getting smaller, her body was just getting larger!

Eventually people mentioned that cats on diets usually lose weight. Helpfully they asked, "Maybe the diet formula had been packed in the wrong bag, and it was weight-gain food?"
Then the vet noticed. He wasn't pleased that the dietary effect he'd prescribed wasn't working, so he investigated.
After all the questions, hums and ahing he decided that Dottie had misread the daily dose ... the decimal point had gone missing giving the girl ten times her daily allowance of food!
Now she's back on her real diet, she's getting back to normal size but either way, she's one of our favourite foxy faced girls.