Smokey - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Shy Smokey travels to our cattery from Stony Stratton, near Evercreech between Castle Cary and Shepton Mallet.
He's well named with layers of dark and light greys in his coat. Smokey is most proud of his glorious bushy tail that swishes enticingly inviting us to admire him and give him a good grooming.
He's very timid when he first arrives at Tiger Barn Cattery, but Smokey settles in fine by the following day.
Once relaxed, really seems to enjoy his holiday especially when we wave the zoom groom at him then he purrs with pleasure.

Katriona's edit: Smokey's Dad, Phil can't pick him up, but Jeremy always can … the first few times it was like picking up a wild kicking rabbit, but during Smokey's stay he relaxes and gets used to it and behaves like any other furry-purry in his arms.